The Best Dry cleaner/Tailors in the area! We moved into the neighborhood in October and had an awful experience with another cleaner. We then tried White Dove Dry Cleaners–what a difference! They are professional, courteous, efficient, inexpensive…the list just goes on! Our clothes look exceptional and feel great. They know how to take care of suiting, fur and all delicate materials — something that really matters. Pick-up and delivery is included at no cost. Plus, if you have a rush job, they always accommodate! Why go anywhere else?! Chris Bernard

I was really happy to see this move into the neighborhood (I’m by the one on Bloor Street). The guys are really helpful and always polite, and the clothes look great. The prices are reasonable for the area, and hours are definitely manageable. Also, they do pick ups and drop offs. Nathalie Bloor

Wonderful service! Always prompt and super helpful! If I ever have an issue or a question, they are quick to help and never put me off. I have sent them hundreds and I do mean hundreds of shirts over the course of 2 years and never had any complaints. Helen Pori

Pretty awesome place. They are polite, fast, and do an excellent job, both with Alterations and with Dry Cleaning. Their turnaround time is impressive. Their prices are also very reasonable. They will even deliver or pick (picking up requires opening up a charge account) at no charge!! Edward Blue

Love this place! I found them a month ago and have been impressed with the professionalism, timeliness, and quality of the work done. I use both Dry cleaning and Alteration services. I was very pleased to have set-in stains on a white dress removed (they kept it and ran it thru 2 sessions). Pricing is comparable to alternatives in the neighborhood, overall very pleased. William Borg

When I lived in Rexdale over the summer in a sublet, I used White Dove Dry Cleaners. Great Service, comparable prices if not a little bit cheaper than other local spots, always on time. If you within descent range to get free delivery/pickup, I would highly recommend. Tom Scott

Impeccable service, kindest people ever, eco-friendly, organized and well-run, and great quality! If there ever was such a thing as over-achieving in this business, White Dove Cleaners wins it hands down. This is the best Dry cleaning/Tailoring service I’ve ever had in all my years living in Toronto. Martin Uri

Great service, really wonderful workers always happy to help. Really happy with the result and now use them as my go-to cleaner. John Fisherman

Awesome customer service and fantastic stain removal. White Dove Cleaners has the best prices in Etobicoke. The customer service is great, I highly recommend White Dove Cleaners. Mari Johnson