Garment Care

  • Custom Cleaning Process
  • Multi-point Inspection by our expert fabric care specialist
  • All garments are Hand-Finished to Perfection
  • De-Linting Process
  • Wedding Gowns preservation
  • All finished garments are packed with the utmost care to preserve your garment from wrinkling during travel to storage.

Understanding Garment Care:
Explains the different types of fabric care used and the difference between dry cleaning, wet cleaning and laundry.

Guide To Dry cleaning:
Gives an explanation on the different kinds of fabrics that require dry cleaning.

Fabric Concerns:
Describes the various types of fabrics used in garments and what happens to them upon cleaning.

Trim and Ornamentation:
Lists the various kinds of trims and ornamentation that are used on your garments and what to watch out for.

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